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Dear Humane Society Friend,

As we begin our 75th year of operation, it is a time of great reflection. I am reminded of a line from an August Wilson play, Fences. “You got to take the crooked with the straights.” Basically in life you have to accept misfortune just as you are blessed with good. Certainly we have seen our share of misfortune especially during this past year.

Due to COVID our shelter closed its kennels to the public and we faced difficult financial issues. However, these challenges did not stop our operations, but instead inspired us to find alternative methods to continue our mission of saving animals. As always, we could not have done this without you. And now I am asking you to renew your membership or become a member because of the difference we make together.

Here are just a few examples of how your support changed 2020 for us:

  • Provided extraordinary medical care for many animals like Bob who came into the shelter with a shattered right leg from a gunshot. Now this happy tripod is living the dream with his new owner!
  • Equipped a special room in our shelter to treat and contain contagious diseases such as Parvovirus in dogs and Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) in cats.
  • Created endless opportunities in a closed environment for animal enrichment and training from our staff and senior volunteers. This led to the placement of many of our long-term animals.

Your membership enables us to transform even the worst of challenges into amazing success stories. Thank you for supporting the lives of dogs and cats, their humans, and the mission of HSPC!.

Debbie Howell
Board President

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Due to COVID-19 we are not open to the general public. Adoptions are being done by appointment only.

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