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Dear Humane Society Friend,

Whether you are a renewing, or perspective new member, know that your support of this organization changes lives both animal and human. Almost every day we get calls from people who need to surrender animals for different reasons and they know that our organization is committed to no-kill so we are their first choice. We consider every situation and rescue what we can. Here is an example of a recent request we couldn’t ignore:

[sic] 8 weeks ago a dog that wanders around here had 11 puppies under the house where i rent a room in. My landlady has a very small income and is on foodstamps i am a immigrant still being processed by INS. We do not have the means to keep the puppies or feed. Now that the puppies are wandering around more we have neighbors saying they will shoot them if they come on their property. We are urgently asking for help.


We are often asked where do we get our animals? The simple answer is the Universe. This includes animals that are injured, abused and abandoned; ones from animal control agencies on the road to euthanasia; ones from other rescues that are overloaded; ones from owners no longer able to provide care due to health, age and other personal circumstances; and the list goes on… The bottom line is that when we help animals, we also help people by restoring their faith in the idea that all life matters.

Yet, that’s not all. Once these animals come into the Humane Society, the transition from a shelter to a forever home begins as we do not euthanize healthy or treatable animals in our care. Routinely all animals are spayed/ neutered, vaccinated, wormed, tested for disease, receive wellness exams and are microchipped. Animals with health issues including heartworm disease, orthopedic, skin, internal organ, infectious disease and other issues needing immediate care are treated before placing them up for adoption. Many come to us with broken spirits as well and those are the challenges our staff embraces the most.

Thank you for supporting the lives of animals, their humans and the mission of the Humane Society of Pulaski County.

Debbie Howell, Board President

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