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Dear Humane Society Friend,

Just a few weeks ago, we celebrated our 75th year of operation filled with success stories and accomplishments impacting not only the animals of HSPC, but the state of Arkansas. Though we begin this year the same as last year, still coping with the threat of COVID-19 and financial strains, we are vigilant in carrying on our mission and meeting the new challenges of 2022. Once again, because of your inspiring support we are already moving on with these recent cases:

Ralphie was brought to HSPC after neighbors witnessed his heartless owners abandoning him in a cemetery. He waited for days in the same place for them to return. We are committed to finding him a family that deserves him.

Phoenix was rescued in North Pulaski County where she had been seriously injured after being hit by a car. As soon as possible she was taken in for orthopedic surgery to repair a severe pelvic fracture and several torn ligaments in her leg. Phoenix is still recovering in our clinic.

Jacky came from a situation where the owner was unable to care for him and five other pets. Unfortunately, Jacky had also been hit by a car, but his injury was left untreated for an undetermined amount of time. The result was painful suffering in his hip and the inability to use his back right leg. After less than 24 hours in our shelter our veterinarian Dr. Teresa Medlock-Pratt discovered the dislocation and scheduled him for a FHO (Femoral Head Ostectomy) surgery.

 Several Litters of Puppies and Kittens (many with their moms) have found refuge from hunger and homelessness at the beginning of a cold winter. We are aware there are more where they came from and are committed to helping when we have space. 

All of these animals have amazing dispositions and will someday soon bring joy to their new owners. Your member-ship will enable us to create a “happy ever after” for each of them, as well as many more to come! Thank you for supporting the lives of dogs and cats, their humans, and the mission of HSPC!

Debbie Howell
Board President

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