Adopt A New Forever Friend

COVID-19 Note

In response to COVID-19 and recommended social distancing guidelines, we are matching adopters to pets through an online process ONLY. Please complete the adoption application to let us know which dog or cat you are interested in and a little about yourself. Our adoption team will respond back through email.

All adoptable dogs and cats are online, with changes posted as soon as new pets are available or as they are adopted.

We Don’t Sell Pets – We Adopt Them into Loving Families!

We are dedicated to finding the best homes possible for our dogs and cats. The animals in our care often came to us because of abuse, neglect or abandonment. Sometimes they were surrendered by a person who couldn’t care for them appropriately.

But because they were lucky enough to find themselves at HSPC, these animals have a second chance. They’ve already had a hard life, so we owe it to them to screen their new families very carefully — and we take our screening process very seriously. We want these animals’ adoptive homes to be safe, loving, and permanent!

We go to great lengths to assure a good match between an animal and the new family environment. We want the animals and your families to be safe and happy. Our adoption policies reflect this commitment.

Our adoption screening process includes:

  • Completing a thorough application
  • Providing proof of address
  • Perhaps allowing us to do a home check

We often ask adopters to bring their own dogs out to the shelter to meet the dog they would like to adopt. We review each application individually, so adopters need to allow enough time to visit with the animals, complete the application and interview with our adoption staff.

All adopters must be 21 years or older.

 Our current adoption fee is $75. This includes immunization shots, micro-chipping, worming, sterilization and any other medical care needed to make the animal healthy and ready for adoption.  Post-adoption behavior support is also available.

Once you click “Submit” on your application, be sure to scroll to the top of the page to make sure it was successful.

Please be aware that we do not approve every adoption application we receive. If we believe for any reason that the animal is not a good match for an applicant, we reserve the right to not approve the adoption.

Adopting an animal is a long-term commitment that should not be made hastily, so take your time in making the decision to adopt! Carefully consider the time, money and energy it takes to care for a four-legged family member.

Consider adopting an older animal, instead of a puppy or kitten. Or caring for a pet with special needs. Or taking two playmates together. We have dozens of great companion animals who need good homes. Let us help you find the right one for you!

The cat application and dog application are now available as online forms. Once your application is approved, you will be contacted to set an adoption appointment. Please allow our adoption team time to process your application. Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t hear from us in 2-3 days.



Shelter and Business Office Address

Humane Society of Pulaski County
14600 Colonel Glenn Road
Little Rock, AR 72210

Due to COVID-19 we are not open to the general public. Adoptions are being done by appointment only.

Tuesday-Saturday 11:00am - 5:30pm
Sunday 11:00am - 5:30pm
Telephone: 501-227-6166