Surrendering A Pet

HSPC is a “No-Kill Shelter”, which means we do not euthanize for space.  As such, we almost always have a waiting list for dogs and cats to enter our facility. We balance owner surrender intake with intake from other shelters and medical needs. We strongly encourage you to do everything you can to keep the pet, or to find the pet a new loving home on your own.  Please consider all options before surrendering a pet, and never abandon the pet. We will try very hard to take in any pet as quickly as possible.

Things to consider….

  • Moving? Perhaps a friend or family member can care for your pet until you can find appropriate living arrangements. Contact local real estate agencies…many manage rental properties and will work with your budget and housing needs to find a place where you can have your pet. You can also try APARTMENTS.COM to locate pet-friendly housing.
  • Not Enough Time? Most older pets really don’t care how long you are gone in the day…just that you come home eventually. Of course, you do have to consider how long your pet will be in the home without being able to be relieved. If you know you are going to be gone too long during the day, ask a neighbor, friend, family member or accredited pet care professional who can come to your home once a day to take your dog out for potty time and exercise, or simply to just spend some time with your pet. If you have a younger pet, schedule play time and exercise time with your pet. When you really examine your day to day activities, you will likely find that it is not hard at all to find adequate time with your pet.
  • Training Issues? Basic obedience, socialization, and housebreaking take time, patience and the occasional help from a professional. Many affordable training classes exist for you to work with your pet.
  • Having a baby? It may not be necessary to surrender your cat. During pregnancy, use gloves and a mask when scooping the litterbox, or have another family member do that job. After baby arrives, keep the cat out of the nursery by closing the door or restricting the cat to another area of the home.

Finding a new home for your pet….

(Know that it may take several weeks or even a few months to process our wait list, or to find a suitable rehoming option for your pet.)

  • Place an advertisement on Adopt-a-Pet.com. Their website lists your pet for adopters (right alongside other animals available from shelters in your area), offers valuable information on placing your pet, including advice on how to screen potential homes and avoid scams. (We do not recommend rehoming through craigslist.com.)
  • Contact your veterinarian and ask to post an ad in his or her office. Your vet might even have a client in mind to adopt your pet.
  • Tell your friends, family, and co-workers – if more people know that your pet needs a new home, you will increase your chances of finding the best home.

If you still would like to surrender a pet to HSPC, please fill out the online form here.


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