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////pu and Orphaned kittens and puppies are some of the most at-risk pets in shelters because they require intensive around-the-clock care. You can help by signing up to bottle feed kittens or puppies (or both!) Because of the constant need for attention, bottle feeding is a great way for retired persons, families, work-from-home individuals, stay-at-home parents, or homeschool families to help save lives.

Once you have completed your foster application below, our foster coordinator will get in touch with you. While experienced bottle feeders are always welcome, we train either one-on-one or in one of our foster classes (scheduled about every 60 days during the spring through fall).

Fosters are asked to provide care for the kittens/puppies and provide transportation to and from veterinary appointments as needed. We provide all the supplies and medical care. Once the kittens/puppies are old enough and weigh enough to be spayed or neutered (typically two pounds), you’ll bring them back to the Humane Society to be spayed/neutered and placed for adoption. Care for foster kittens/puppies includes a strict feeding schedule, cleaning, and lots of snuggling and playtime.

Although fostering kittens/puppies is a lot of work, it is a very rewarding experience. By participating in this program, you are saving lives and helping puppies and kittens that would not otherwise have little chance for a happy life. If you’re an animal lover interested in providing love, nourishment, and heaps of TLC to an animal in need, you can complete the foster care volunteer paperwork here. We will train interested, qualified volunteers for success!

NOTE: Fosters must be at least 21 years old and able to transport animals to/from the shelter for medical treatment as scheduled.


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Humane Society of Pulaski County
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Hours of Operation

Wednesday - Sunday 11:00am - 5:00pm
Telephone: 501-227-6166