You may live in a rural area and see other dogs roaming. Perhaps your dog loves to wander and explore as most dogs do. Unfortunately, it is neither safe nor appropriate to allow your dog to roam free.

In general, dogs should not be allowed off-leash, even with supervision. Here’s why:

Vehicles: Even remote locations have cars and trucks. Dogs can get hit, and many of these dogs will not survive.

Infectious diseases: While exploring, your dog can come across disease-carrying substances from animal feces, dead wildlife, and even other living animals.

Parasites: Standing water such as ponds and puddles are breeding grounds for many intestinal parasites.

Injury to or from other animals: Dogs are predatory creatures by nature. They may chase and attack wildlife, & other pets or an aggressive or defensive animal (domesticated or wild) might injure or kill your own dog.

Disturbing other people: Be a good neighbor, even if the closest one is miles away. A free-roaming dog can travel for miles. It’s simply rude and irresponsible to trouble other people in your community.

Legal consequences: Many areas have leash laws, meaning you could be fined or lose your dog.

Lost or stolen: Your dog may wander too far one day and never make it back. Someone may take him to the pound or keep him.

So why take a chance?  Keep your dog on a leash, with you at all times, or in a properly fenced area. Your beloved friend will be with you for many more years to come when you take simple precautions to keep her/him safe!