Canine Good Citizen Ready Behavior Training for HSPC Adoptables

In July of 2018, Humane Society of Pulaski County began training adoptable dogs to pass the Canine Good Citizen exam, an obedience test designed by the American Kennel Club. These obedience tests consists of ten different real-world scenarios that demonstrate solid obedience training and general reliability. These skills enable the pets to be ‘CGC Ready,’ demonstrating that when partnered with a responsible person, he or she possesses all the qualities of a well-trained and reliable pet.

Brent, a white dog.Skills taught to the dogs in training include: (1) Walking Politely on a Loose Leash, (2) Sit, (3) Down, (4) Allow a Friendly Stranger to Pet the Dog, (5) Remain Still for Grooming, (6) Walk Politely Through a Crowd, (7) Stay in Place, (8) Come When Called, (9) Sit Politely Around Other Dogs, and (10) Remain Still w/Distractions Around

This is a 100% volunteer-led program.  Existing volunteers who would like to get involved can contact the program coordinator at cgcready@warmhearts.org. Volunteers will attend classes at their own pace and will be asked to work with program dogs at least once per week outside of class.

New volunteers must first attend volunteer training. Sign up to be a volunteer and start your journey towards making a difference in a dog’s life! 

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Hours of Operation

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