The flooding in Arkansas has displaced many Arkansans from their homes. Adding to the tragedy, many are pet owners who have evacuated with no place to take their pets. We want to help.

We are compiling a list of emergency fosters, persons and/or families willing to take an owned animal into their home until their owners are able to reclaim it. If you would like to help a neighbor-in-need, you can complete the application to become an Emergency Foster to a displaced pet here.

If you need help with your pets on a short-term basis, please call (501) 227-6166 and/or email us at emergencyresponse@warmhearts.org and we will do our best to match you up with a foster home that can help.

Please note that this is for owned pets only, and the goal is to provide relief to owned pets (primarily cats and dogs) on a short term basis. The Humane Society is ONLY facilitating arrangements for fostering and not taking animals into our shelter for rehoming, vet care, etc. Again, the goal is to return the pets to their owners as soon as they are able to reclaim them.

For questions, you can contact emergencyresponse@warmhearts.org or phone us at (501) 227-6166.