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Our Most Vulnerable Need Your Help!

Most animals fostered by the Humane Society of Pulaski County are underage, underweight orphaned puppies & kittens. Our seventy-year success record of saving their lives rests with our dedicated foster volunteers. They open their homes and hearts to over a hundred puppies and kittens, cats and dogs, each year, and help them reach the stage where they’re adoptable.

We'll contact you when a mother and litter or orphaned puppies or kittens need to be fostered. We’ll provide you with food, necessary medications, and an unlimited supply of advice. When the puppies or kittens are healthy and old enough for adoption – usually at about eight weeks – you bring them back and we place them in loving homes.


What It Takes

Foster parents help save the lives of animals who are fragile and at high risk . We are looking for people who can commit two to six weeks of fostering to take in under aged pets and/or nursing moms with litters who are too young or sick to be spayed/neutered for adoption. They need to monitor the health and well-being of the foster animals and bring them in for regular checkups and quickly for emergency treatment, if necessary. The puppies and kittens must be kept confined in a safe space, separate from other pets. Foster parents need to follow our directions on feeding and medication. We provide food, necessary medications, supplies, and lots of support.

There are also opportunities for volunteers willing to foster senior pets, or dogs and cats needing help to recover from illness. These time commitments vary, and can be long term in some cases.

If you’re an animal lover interested in providing love, nourishment, and heaps of TLC to an animal in need, you can download your foster care volunteer paperwork here.  We will train interested, qualified volunteers for success!

Download your foster parent application today! (304 KB, Adobe PDF)

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Questions?  Call the shelter at (501) 227-6166  or email us at

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