About Us

The mission of the Humane Society of Pulaski County is to rescue, care for and find homes for abandoned, abused, homeless and unwanted animals; to reduce suffering of animals; to investigate, prosecute, and prevent abuse; and to reduce the number of homeless animals through adoption, spay/neuter, and through education.

The Humane Society of Pulaski County provides access to low-cost, healthy, inoculated, sterilized animals to people seeking to adopt animals as pets only. Adopters are screened to see if they can provide the basics of care for the animals, proper housing, and continued veterinary maintenance; and have no history of animal abuse or irresponsible ownership.

The Humane Society is a private no-kill shelter, supported solely by donations, fund-raisers, bequests and grants. We receive no city, county or state funding, nor are we affiliated with any other organization. We have been rescuing animals since 1946, and have been in our present building since 2000.

We have a strong volunteer base. Our volunteers are involved in animal care, fund raising, computer work and off-site events.

We are proud of our 4 star rating from Charity Navigator, which means the smallest percentage of our donations are administrative…just about all of our income goes directly to caring for the animals.

HSPC maintains a 25,000 square foot shelter, with a clinic, a full-time veterinarian, and staff of 15-20 people caring for over 200 animals. Along with a strong volunteer program, we clean, feed, walk, train, exercise, love, and find good homes for these animals.

HSPC has a special community outreach program, called Puppy Love, which takes puppies (and sometimes kittens) to visit residents of nursing homes, retirement centers, and women’s shelters. Touching and hugging these little pups, and receiving their unconditional love, uplifts the morale and the well-being of these citizens. Our Puppy Love program has makes approximately 40 visits to local facilities each year. Some of these visits were made with school or church service clubs, providing the added benefit of teaching young people the benefit of giving their time to help others.

In 2009, HSPC adopted out almost 1000 animals, and provided over 850 spays and neuters.

By caring for homeless animals, investigating and acting on reports of animal abuse and neglect, as well as making low-cost pet ownership available, HSPC provides a needed and very beneficial service to the community.

HSPC also has a Humane Education program, which works to teach and respect for animals, proper pet care, and responsibility and to educate towards ending animal abuse and overpopulation. 

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